What’s Next

This survey is just the beginning.

  The Safety We Can Feel Campaign is a multi-faceted effort to build the power needed to shepherd a real transformation in how our city is resourced in the long term. We are building with community groups deeply embedded in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods: groups that are building relationships, support, and organizing that contends with police violence, heals trauma and meets our young people’s basic needs. We’ve also been consulting with community organizations working for years to build the resources our people deserve – from richly funded schools and libraries to just jobs and housing.

We are working to combine the reflections of those groups and their leaders to craft a comprehensive report. It will lay out a vision for how the city can reinvest the money we spend on police into the essential resources that prevent violence, heal trauma, and meet the needs of Black and brown communities.

Grounded in generational history of police corruption and divestment of Philly’s communities of color, this report isn’t a recipe or a map. It is the beginning of a conversation on how Philly’s communities can actually take control of the budget processes that determine so much of their future – and to spur work over the next many budget cycles to transform failed police funding into safety we can feel.

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